iPrism – An Anonymous Proxy Detection Database

iPrism – An Anonymous Proxy Detection Database
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anonymous proxy detection database

Proxy servers are intermediary servers that hide your real IP address. They can be used by hackers to commit fraud by making it difficult to verify a person’s identity online. Proxies are also used by legitimate users to avoid geo-restrictions, speed issues and ad blocking by websites.

Detecting proxy use is an important step to protecting your business from cyber criminals and anonymous proxy detection database network security controls. However, relying on a single detection method can introduce false positives that are costly to the organization.

Unveiling the Shadows: The Power of Anonymous Proxy Detection Databases

For this reason, we recommend combining multiple detection methods to ensure maximum accuracy. iPrism provides a variety of detection and scoring capabilities based on data from a number of trusted third-party sources. We combine data from the MaxMind GeoIP2 database, minFraud Insights and Factors service, the IP2Proxy detection database and others.

Our detection method analyzes the first N packets in a web traffic flow to determine whether it’s a proxy or VPN. The method takes into account several distinguishable features of the traffic, including the size and inter-arrival time of each packet. The analysis of these features can help distinguish between different types of proxies and identify the proxy type and country.

iPrism’s ability to identify the use of a proxy is not a direct indicator of fraud by itself, but when combined with other data elements, it may indicate an increased risk of fraudulent behavior such as accounts being taken over by a hacker or card testing and multiple attempts to gain access to a site. Additionally, this capability is valuable for reducing the need to monitor unrated sites that are often used by fraudsters to bypass rules and security measures.

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