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About Felix Villin

Felix Villin is a passionate social entrepreneur and philanthropist. He works tirelessly to improve the lives of women around the world through his work at She Can Consultancy.

Growing up in an impoverished area of Nigeria, Felix witnessed first-hand the struggles that many women face on a daily basis. It was this experience that would later shape his life’s mission to help empower and support women entrepreneurs. After graduating from university with a degree in international relations and management, he moved to the United States where he began working with non-profit organizations dedicated to helping marginalized populations access resources needed for successful business endeavors.

In 2016, Felix founded She Can Consultancy which provides much-needed mentorship and coaching services specifically tailored to female business owners. Through his organization, he helps to provide these women with valuable skills such as financial literacy, networking opportunities, and business advice. His ultimate goal is to create more job opportunities for women around the world while also providing them with the confidence they need to succeed in their respective fields.

Felix has been recognized as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs and was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Social Entrepreneurship due to his work. He continues to use his platform as an advocate for gender equality and is determined to make sure that all people have access to equal opportunities regardless of their gender or background.

Felix is passionate about the concept of inclusivity and believes that everyone should have a seat at the table. This has become increasingly evident when looking at his philanthropic endeavors. He is the co-founder of Gender Equality Now, an organization that works to promote gender equality worldwide by advocating for laws and policies that seek to reduce gender-based discrimination and exploitation. Additionally, Felix serves on the Board of Directors of SheLeads, a global organization that works to create opportunities for female leaders in all aspects of life.