Therapeutic writing has many major healing benefits, especially for those who have experienced a traumatic event.

Expressive writing can have a significant impact to the recovery process. In fact, participants in a study who wrote about their most traumatic experiences for 15 minutes, four days in a row, experienced better health outcomes up to four months later (Baikie & Wilhelm, 2005).

Another study tested the same writing exercise on over 100 asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients, with similar results. The participants who wrote about the most stressful event of their lives experienced better health evaluations related to their illness (Smyth, Stone, Hurewitz, & Kaell, 1999).

Putting pen to paper however, can be one of the biggest challenges.  There is something quite powerful that happens when you can start to write, as you release the pain and suffering that has been so deeply positioned.

It is as if, when you write, it is slowly, sometimes painfully being drawn out of your inner self and into the world of release.  That can be a very difficult transition to make, but one of the most empowering and powerful as you honour your story, because you deserve the Write to Heal!

Join our Writers Circle

Weekly Write to Heal Circle where we gather with other survivors of trauma in a safe space to honour the power of the story from life’s difficult and complicated realities.

We free write together in response to exercises chosen to elicit deep-heart writing and to help heal with the power of the pen.

Learn to trust the flow of your own writing, and receive feedback about the power of your words in a supportive, transformative, and survivor-centered community.

There is a real air of strength, when survivors of all forms of trauma, come together to unite and support each others Journey to Healing.

Our weekly writers circle is held in the beautiful 37 acres STEER – Resource and Wellbeing Centre at Tondu Farmhouse, surrounded by 14 acres of Woodlands for natural therapy to help heal.
Every Thursday 10.00 am – 11.15 am. 

write to heal COACHING program

8 Week Write to Heal Coaching Program:

This is a personalised and guided Healing Journey combining Expressive Therapy in Writing, Colour, Poetry and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Your personalised support in writing, expressing, processing, healing and honouring the power of your story. 

Every week for 8 weeks, you will be emailed a writing/therapy task prompt.  Upon completion of the task, we will then schedule an Online Coaching Session to work through the completed task and addressing any issues that arise, this is a combination of practical and emotional support. 

This program is a powerful therapy, however you have to be ready to embrace this transition into recovery, whereby you will not only heal, you will start to find your inner self and shine!

one-off coaching session: 

Maybe you have already started to write and heal, or have downloaded and completed the FREE write to heal guidance, which has resurfaced emotions and situations. 

A one-one coaching session may be all you need, to open the space for expression and discussion, to navigate through the process. Sometimes, it is finding that outlet.

Offering an ad-hoc coaching service, to allow you flexibility to book as and when you need. 

Once you have paid for your session, using the book now option below, we will then schedule your coaching session within 5 working days, however if you require an urgent coaching session, please get in touch first to confirm availability. 

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Payment can be made in full or we offer an invoiced payment plan.  If the payment plan option is selected, a deposit of £70.00 will be required to enrol on the program.  You will then be required to clear your invoice within 8 weeks of registration (equates to £21.25 per week to clear the balance).

Face-Face Coaching Sessions can also take place on a Thursday at our centre based in Tondu, Bridgend

Payment Options:

free download

Need a little guidance to begin writing to heal?

I am offering a FREE Write to Heal Guidance download that contains tips to write as well as 6 questions to get you started. 

Been thinking about Journaling? 

Our ‘I Can’ Self-Help Journal, has been uniquely designed to explore thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of your life. 

A powerful guide to not only reflecting of if these thoughts were the reality to the emotions, but also to track these weekly, self-care plan and set weekly positive mantras, with a checklist to keep you accountable!

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