Why Email Validation Is Important For Your Email Marketing Program

Why Email Validation Is Important For Your Email Marketing Program
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Using email validation for your email marketing program is a great way to ensure you are sending emails to real, active email addresses. It also helps you save your company from spam reports and blacklists.

What is an email validation?

Having valid email addresses means less bounces, increased deliverability, and a higher ROI. These are critical for any email marketing campaign.

Using an email validation service can help you reduce your bounce rate by up to 98%. This also increases the readability of your messages. By eliminating invalid addresses, you’ll be able to reach your prospects whenever you want.

By running your email lists through a validation service, you can discover whether they are being collected in a manner that is violating privacy laws. You can also uncover methods used by previous owners to collect email.

Most of the large email senders integrate email validation directly into their intake processes. You can also use an online verification tool to verify individual addresses.

Using an advanced email address validation web service, you can use artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to verify your email addresses. You’ll get results faster than you can manually check each address.

With real-time verification, you’ll be able to spot typos and syntax errors before they happen. This will prevent high-risk emails from being sent, which can hurt your deliverability.

If you have a large email list, it’s important to periodically run it through an email validation service. Typically, you’ll receive a report that shows any errors and bounced emails. The report can also help you eliminate disposable domains and block disposable email accounts.

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