What Makes a Moroccan Rug Unique?

What Makes a Moroccan Rug Unique?
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Moroccan rugs are the hand woven, large carpets, weaved in Morocco. These rugs are considered as the world’s oldest textile art. They have a unique style of being hand woven without the use of any machine. Moroccan rugs were originally woven by the native Moroccans since the early Paleolithic Era. Historically, these rugs were woven for their utility instead of for decorative purposes. This link

Moroccan Rugs – Timeless Artforms of Moroccan Beauty

The rugs in Morocco are available in different sizes, patterns, colors, weights, and textures. The texture is also a factor to consider when purchasing a moroccan rug. Most of the rugs are crafted from natural wool, which is obtained from sheep. Natural wool has a high absorption capacity, thus you can expect your rug to last for many years even with daily use. The rugs are also available in light, medium, or heavy pile.

There are many different patterns that are available for moroccan rugs such as; stripes, patterns, circles, squares, octagons, and symmetrical patterns. Most of the patterns have a dual purpose of decorating your home as well as keeping the floor warm during the cold season. These rugs also come with natural wool finish that makes them very soft and comfortable to walk on. Another advantage is that these rugs are easy to maintain as there are no chemicals needed to clean these rugs.

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