As a Qualified Psychotherapist and NLP Life Coach, I have always sought the most practical and beneficial ways for women to not only embrace the discovery of recovery, but to strive for success with it.

Walk and Talk Therapy, as simple as it is, is a very powerful combination. When we combine the outdoors, whilst talking about our traumas and struggles, we create a new mindset. 

We all know the benefits of exercise to our mental well-being, but very often this is the last thing we incorporate to our need for counselling or when we are seeking a life coach, mentor etc. 

However, sometimes the clinical experience of sitting in a confined room, face to face with a therapist can feel overwhelming and often stifling. 

Outdoor Differences: 

  • Feeling the weather conditions and embracing the beauty of nature, to establish the life-change thoughts whilst depressed, anxious and grieving.
  • The physical pain associated with depression, stress and anxiety go down during a walk as the body’s natural healing is released during exercise.
  • When we walk, the heart rate increases, breathing faster and oxygen goes to the brain and makes thoughts clearer.
  • The outdoor environment is less invasive and much more relaxed, creating a soothing balance whilst discussing traumatic or anxious situations.

We have all needed to ‘clear the cobwebs’ and ‘get a breath of fresh air’, and this is because our mind, body and soul crave the outdoors… 

The benefits to Walk & Talk Therapy are endless, whilst being scientifically backed. 


We will meet an agreed Park, and we will embark on a route for approximately 50-60 minutes.

We may continue along a clear pathway, head off into some of the tracks available or even during the walk, take some moments to simply sit and take in, or we will practice some coping mechanisms, depending on the session.

I will match your stride, if you prefer a meditative, relaxing mode, or more active, fast paced session.  The beauty of walk and talk therapy, is that it can mirror your current emotional state. 

Please make sure you wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes.


Walk & Talk Therapy can take place across Manchester, and upon our initial consultation, the location will be discussed.  Some clients like to choose somewhere out of distance to where their live, some prefer to be closer to home. 

We always select a large/national park.


Walk & Talk Therapy takes place on a Tuesday afternoon, or after work.  Booking is essential as I restrict the number of client places available. 


Walk & Talk Therapy is ideal for anyone, whether you are approaching it as a psychotherapy session to discuss your trauma, anxiety, stress, or as a coaching session to map out your current life issues. my approach is holistic and integrative, whilst making sure you are equipped with practical plans and strategies. 

Mothers of Young Children:

Making support accessible for all, if you have a young child in a pram, you are more than welcome to bring them along to the session. Many mothers have been denied the opportunity of therapy, due to child care arrangements, so as long as you are comfortable with this and they can accompany you in their pram, I have a child-friendly approach. 

RATES & location:

Location: Across Manchester

Oldham – Alexandra Park
Longsight – Highfields Park
Gorton – Debdale Park
Didsbury – Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Time: Approx 60 minutes 

Cost: £40.00 per Session 
Concession Rate Available

Free Initial 30 minute Telephone Consultation / In-Person Consultation (Oldham Only)

Let’s Get Walking and Talking:

Once payment has been made, please Contact me to arrange your session.

Concession Fee:
Recovery should be accessible to all, therefore we offer a concession fee, for those who are in receipt of benefits or currently on a waiting list for therapy. 

If you are under the support of another organisation, please speak to your support worker, to see if they can help contribute to the cost of your recovery.

Booking Conditions: 
– Payment must be paid in advance of the Walk & Talk Session.
– If you have scheduled a date for your session, and payment is not received 24 hours in advance, the session will be automatically cancelled.
– If you need to cancel the session, please make sure you have done so 24 hours before the session is due to take place, otherwise full payment made, will be kept as a cancellation fee and not transferable to a new date.
Weather Conditions:
We will walk in most weather conditions, if there is light rain, we will still schedule the walk. If temperature drops to below 5c, then we will re-schedule the walk and if we have heavy rain. 
Health Conditions:
If you are suffering with any health condition, that may prohibit walking, please make sure you have spoken to your health practitioner. The pace of the walk is guided by you.  If at anytime, you do not want to walk, we can find a nice, confidential space to sit and talk. 
Registered Psychotherapist Practitioner & Level 3 Award