Such a great workshop, learned so much about Anixety and how it is affecting my life.  Would highly recommend to everyone, it is great fun too! 

Trauma Informed Training

Our Trauma Informed Training is packed with Lived Experience and Key Information from our extremely successful 7 Week PTSD & Anxiety Trauma Recovery Prpgram. 

Our training includes:

  • Understanding thePost Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Brain Scienceand Different States
  • Anger Management and Emotional Numbing
  • Living with Trauma
  • How to Help Others and Yourself
  • Interactive Learning
  • Break Out Session
  • Q&A Session

Ideal For all Local Authorities, Professionals and Organisations. This training is also suitable for Schools and Individuals, wanting to create and implement Trauma Informed Practices.

Accredited TRAINING:
COST:               £35 per person