SHE CAN fitness therapy

Providing a Holisitic Approach to Recovery and Success, your Mind, Body & Soul is connected, if you only work on one part, you will be out of balance!

Knowing how important this is, She Can Fitness not only provides beneficial physical healing, with our range of fitness classes and nutrition plans, but also a safe place for women to emotionally detox, reduce anxiety levels, and release built up adrenaline safely, whilst boosting positive energy!

bounce 2 burn Fitness Class

A Fitness Class Like No Other!

Bounce 2 Burn is  a 30 minute class, of pure fat burning fun! Just 30 minutes on a rebounder to some of the best beats.

You can burn up to 1000 calories in just one half an hour session, the benefits of using a trampoline to burn calories and increase fitness, were researched by NASA. They found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a more efficient cardiovascular workout than running for over 30 minutes!

So I will leave you to do the math for the 30 minute session you will be achieving!

An intense workout for the cardiovascular system and muscles, helps increase metabolic rate and all-over muscle tone.

Whilst allowing you to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous. Our classes will always combine that level of pushing for Fitness, but most importantly we push for release of Stess & Anxiety in our classes.

Women Only Classes | Child Friendly | Fitness Fun

bodyfit bands fitness class

Time to Tone!

BodyFit Bands is a 20-25 minute Toning and Strengthening Class, with the use of Resistance Bands. 

This class is safe and effective for any age and ability. Using Resistance Bands during a workout, offers a force against which your muscles work. This process causes the muscles to contract and stimulates muscle and bone growth. 

Resistance Band are also known as Booty Bands, I’ll leave you to workout why!

Women Only Classes | Child Friendly | Fitness Fun

Zanga Zanga 'DANCE' Workout

Fitness Just Got Fun!

Zanga Zanga links Middle eastern and African dances with aerobic elements!

Combining cardio conditioning with flexibility, strength and endurance training. It also helps burn lots of calories and is suitable for all fitness levels. 

Zanga Zanga Fitness® uses authentic and diverse choreographies with Drum based Music, giving you a unique combination of dance exercise. 


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£5 Per Class – Pay As You Go 

Pay As You Go, by booking your class above, and making cash payment upon attendance to class.

silver Membership includes:
  • 12 Classes Per Month (3 Classes Per Week = £1.66 Per Class)
  • Free Weekly Weigh-In
  • Free Nutrition Guidance 
GOLD Membership includes:
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month (24 Classes Per  Month = £0.87p Per Class)
  • Free Weekly Weigh-In
  • Free Nutrition Guidance 




Booking is Essential, due to the limited number of trampolines.

To become a Monthly Member, you can pay online via the subscription button, which will take a monthly payment automatically (you can cancel at anytime) and then book your classes via the schedule, or you can book your class and then pay the monthly cash payment upon attendance at class.