is to drive the movement for all religious institutes to provide adequate practical & emotional support

We have a duty of care to protect victims of violence and to provide adequate support to survivors of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health.

Unfortunately, this is something lacking within our Religious Institutes and we can no longer continue to pass blame, make excuses or avoid our responsibilities for fear of reprisals or not knowing how.

The R.I.S.E Project Pledge:

  • To Account, Act & Advocate to protect and provide for our community, who are Suffering in Silence
  • To Rise, Speak Out & Stand Together, unified to be the voices of the vulnerable and to break the Chain of Silence
  • To highlight our Pledges Proudly, to integrate into our Society and Serve our Community

The R.I.S.E Project is an initiative, that all Religious Institutes should commit to, so we can improve support provisions and unite in building a stronger, safer society.

Guest Speaker Invitation on Islam Channel TV Show: Women’s AM to discuss Trauma & Survival. This will provide an insight to the Projects personal backstory, and discussing this crucial need →

Achieved by:

  • Providing designated/appointed Specialist Male & Female Support Workers in all Religious Institutes
  • Notice Boards clearly displaying the Specialist Support Workers Information & Awareness Posters for Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Educating members of Religious Institutes on these ‘taboo’ topics during Khutbahs, Sermons etc
  • Building partnership working with local Police Officers, Local Authorities & Organisations
  • Creating & following adequate Safeguarding procedures and Safety Plans
Specialist Support Worker Role & Responsibilities:

Every Religious Institute (RI) will appoint Specialised Support Workers, male and female.  Recommendation is to provide at least 2 male and 2 female Support Workers, a Lead and an Assistant.

The Specialist Support Worker must be adequately trained with Trauma-Informed Training, Domestic & Sexual Violence Training and Safeguarding Training.

As part of our R.I.S.E Project, She Can Consultancy Ltd will provide an Exclusive Training Package for all Religious Institutes, who want to enrol this initiative, and become part of the movement. You can view our Training Package information at the bottom of this page.

The Specialist Support Worker will commit to providing voluntarily, a number of hours a week, to be available for those needing support, inside the Institute.  As well as their contact information being displayed clearly on the RI Notice Board.  The logistics of the schedule is to be discussed with the RI and the Specialist Support Team.

Working closely and building partnerships with local police officers (PCSO’s), local authority and local crisis centres.  Mayameen has experience with this, and has worked with police officers who have dealt sensitively with crisis cases, attending in ‘out of uniform’ if necessary, to provide advice and non-pressurised support.

The Specialist Support Worker will be independent from the trustees/committee board members etc, this is to prevent any institutional pressures from refraining or delaying to implement protective and preventative measures.

The Specialist Support Worker, will be compassionate, sensitive to cultural barriers and work foremost to provide practical and support services to those in need.

Exclusive Training Package:

A 1 Day Accredited Workshop combining:

  • Trauma Awareness
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness (including FGM/Harmful Practices and Child Sexual Abuse)
  • Safeguarding Basic Understanding

Certificate of Attendance will be provided with CPD Accreditation.

The R.I.S.E Project will also provide an online quarterly support group for Specialist Support Workers.

Once you have enrolled the R.I.S.E Initiative into your own Religious Institution, we will also announce your RI on our Enrolled R.I.S.E Members List below.

You can also purchase and download resources and merchandise to aid your fundraising, publicity and awareness raising, that together, we can make a change.



How can we Afford this?

We know that funding/costs will always be a concern for Institutes, however the question should be, how can we not afford this!

The initial cost outlay will consist of Training, we will provide training based on a 1 day Fundraising Initiative, for example: if you allocate a Friday for the Khutbah to raise awareness of The R.I.S.E Project and stipulate that all money raised from that days Khutbah will be allocated to training.

This is the same for a Christian Church, to allocate a Sunday Service for the fundraising of training, a Synagogue, a Temple, a specific Religious Centre etc.

You can also bring the project into any other fundraising events you organise.  We know, that many people are passionate about this cause and will be happy to donate and support as much as possible.

We are all accountable for our next generation, and the good deeds we have done for our current.

Money is not a barrier to protecting innocent victims and helping to rebuild innocent lives.

How do we appoint a Specialist Support Worker?

The Support Worker will need to be independent, but the selection process is left to the Religious Institute who will know its community members well.  The same safeguarding and processes will be undertaken to appoint  a Support Worker, as it is to appoint a leader, teacher etc.

The appointed, will need to have the right character, resilience and passion to be a Specialised Support Worker, be ‘a person of good standing in their community’ and DBS checked.

What Commitment is required?

Firstly, the Religious Institute needs to be fully committed to the Initiative and the Pledge.

The Specialist Support Worker, needs to be able to commit to a few hours a week to be at the Institute, available for members to access them.  How many hours they can commit too, is to be discussed and scheduled via each RI and Team.

This is why we recommend appointing 2 male and 2 female Support Workers, so they can share the role.

Their contact number will need to be displayed clearly and accessible for members to contact them, when they are not at the Institute.

Of course, we appreciate completely that this is a voluntary role, respectfully understanding what time they can give.

What about support for the Support Workers?

Providing practical and emotional support to others can take its toll, and of course it is really important that Specialist Support Workers also look after their own well-being.

We offer a quarterly Support Workers Group,to share information or experiences with other support workers from like-minded Religious Institutes.

Our Support Workers meet quarterly to share information, discuss the issues they face and provide emotional and practical solutions to problems they encounter.

The support workers also share best-practice and useful information on other areas of their work.

It would also be the duty of the Religious Institute to include and provide any necessary case supervision or support as may be required.

It is important, that you treat the Specialist Support Worker role as you would any other role inside your Institute, this includes meetings and sharing information with one another as per your own Institutional processes.

How would we deal with a Crisis or Immediate Risk?

Remember, you are not a crisis centre, therefore you would follow the safeguarding procedures inside the Religious Institute, as part of the Specialist Support Worker role, you would be building partnership working and making sure the Religious Institute has the correct Local Authority safeguarding processes in place.

You can obtain this information from your Local Safeguarding Boards and you would follow the necessary actions.

If there was immediate danger to a child or an adult, you would contact the police dialling 999, or 101 for no immediate risk.

Your role is supportive and you will make sure you are aware of the local crisis teams, and refer appropriately.

Never, try and take a crisis situation into your own hands, there are services and provisions in place for referring into.

How will this project Tackle the Taboo?

It will bring awareness into our Religious Institutes, that many have avoided for years.  Talking about Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, or Rape or Exploitation has been the elephant in the room for too long.

We can no longer make excuses for the lack of awareness we provide, Religious Institutes hold standing, influence and connections, which makes it a powerful place to contribute to eradicating violence.

As RI’s hold this powerful position, why are we not providing a duty of care and a service to our community?

If someone is a perpetrator attending the Institute, and they hear a sermon about violence, it may well make them think twice, if someone attending the Institute is a victim, and they hear via the Khutbah, that the Institute is open and able to provide a confidential, sensitive, trusted Support Worker, it could be the difference between life and death.

That may sound far fetched, however statistics are speaking for themselves, that violence is causing murders, that suicide rates are prevalent from trauma and mental health is a crisis.

Further, we are not immune to the fact that Religious Institutes are often called out for not being pro-active on these issues, that vigilante groups are accusing Religious Institutes of covering up and ignoring the issues surrounding communities.

If we take accountability, and responsibility to create this Initiative, that we accept there are issues to be addressed, as there are in all communities, but that we are pro-active in tackling them, then we will no longer need to be vilified from the far-right.

We stand together, united in diversity, to protect humanity.

Is this Project only for Domestic & Sexual Violence?

Absolutely not! The R.I.S.E Project is to provide practical and emotional support for anyone in our community suffering in silence.

Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.

No one is immune from trauma, and trauma can arise from any distressing event, such as a bereavement, sudden death, a terrorist attack, an accident, homelessness… the list is exhaustive.

The R.I.S.E Project is for anyone who needs to reach out for support. They may also be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and general struggles.

Yes, the Project is to also address the ‘taboo’ topics, to help eradicate violence as a whole, but it is inclusive to anyone and everyone who needs ‘support’.

It is to break the chain of silence, to recognise that you are not weak in seeking help, and this is equally important for men, who male feel less likely to reach out.

Again, emphasis on the goal, to address these issues every so often during our Khutbahs, Sermons etc, then we normalise these topics which may feel uncomfortable at first and put an end to the shame of mental health and suffering.

What about additional Training?

Although, the Exclusive Training Package we provide as part of The R.I.S.E Project is more than adequate for the role of Specialist Support Worker, I would definitely encourage seeking further additional training to enhance this role. 

Recommended further external training: 

Advanced Safeguarding Adults

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Preventing Radicalisation & Extremism 

Drug & Alcohol Awareness 

Anger Management

Child Neglect 

Child Mental Health

Safer Recruitment

Sexual Harassment for Employees

Equality & Diversity