Remapping Your Diesel

Remapping Your Diesel
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Whether you want better performance or fuel economy, remapping your diesel is the best way to get it. Remapping is done by re-flashing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) with new software that alters the standard engine operating parameters. The ECU stores programs that tell the injectors how much fuel to pump into your vehicle, among other things. Our remaps alter these base parameters to give you more torque or power, better fuel efficiency, and other improvements.

Unlike petrol engines, diesel engines operate at lower revs and have a greater scope for optimising. However, it’s important to choose a tuner who understands the difference between a safe and risky tune. Some tuners simply ‘bump up’ some values on the ECU map without any understanding of how they work together or the potential for damage. This is especially true for Toyota diesel vehicles, which can be very sensitive to overly rich tuning. Find out

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A good tuner will take the time to ensure your tune is perfect before handing it over to you. They will run your vehicle on a chassis dyno to check the specific safety and performance characteristics of your vehicle, and ensure that the remap is working as intended.

A good tuner will also provide a backup file so that your vehicle can be reset to the factory tune at any time. This is an essential part of any remap, so make sure to ask your tuner about it! Sheldon has remapped my 2006 Toyota Hilux twice now and the results are amazing. It’s now able to maintain highway speeds more easily when fully laden, towing or going up gradients. Plus, it’s a lot more economical on long drives with improved acceleration and gearshifting.

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