Bringing Fitness To You!

Do you struggle to get to the gym or local classes?
Do you lack motivation to exercise at home or alone?
Fed up with watching videos?

Then join our Live Fitness Classes, via Zoom!

Our Online Group classes are in real time, keeping you motivated, with our class timetable… 

Bringing the class environment to you.

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Class Timetable:
Tuesday @ 7.00 pm
Friday @ 9.30 am
Thursday @ 9.30 am
Sunday @ 11.30 am


  • 16 Classes Per Month
    (4 Classes per week @ £1.25 per class)
  • Whats App Group 
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month
    (32 Classes a Month @ £1.09 per class)
  • Access to Nutrition Program
    (Worth £30.00)
  • Whats App Group 



Class Timetable:
Tuesday @ 7.30 pm
Thursday @ 10.00 am
Friday @ 10.00 am
Sunday @ 12.00 pm




Once you have subscribed (button above), you will receive an email from your Instructor, the email will contain the link to our She Can Fitness Members What’s App Group. 

Our Group will provide you with all the online class schedule, the links to access the online classes and all nutrition information. 

Not only are you joining Fitness Classes, you are joining a Fitness Family. Our Group provides a support platform, to keep you motivated and connected with other members of the group. 

One of the Benefits of attending offline classes, is the socialising you get to do with others, She Can Fitness Therapy, knows the importance of this, and the positive affect it has on our mental wellbeing. This is why, we run it from a close, connected, community. 


Zoom! Our Classes take place in real-time, with your Instructor! At the time of the class, you will log in to our Zoom class portal. Your Instructor will be visible via video, and so will your class members. 

The Class will begin with instructions via your Fitness Instructor (as it would in an offline environment). 


Classes take place at various times during the week, making sure there is a Morning and Evening class available. The class timetable can be seen on the She Can Fitness Page, however sometimes the classes are subject to change, so once you have joined as a member, the What’s App Group will keep you informed.

Currently, classes are on a Wednesday evening, Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Your monthly membership allows access to 12 classes per month, when you arrive to your online class, your Instructor will note your attendance.

If you are unable to attend an Online Weekly Class, the extra benefit to our online monthly package, is access to workout videos in the Group, so if you miss a real-time class, you can still catch up on your workout.



Fitness Equipment

Studio Pro Rebounder 40”