Offshore Datacenter

Offshore Datacenter
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Using renewable energy, an offshore datacenter can operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Moreover, these centres can operate in regions that do not have an existing grid.

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Using an offshore data center that is powered by wind and solar power can cut CO2 emissions by 50%. In addition, the technology would be able to provide interactive experiences that are fast and lag-free.

The technology is based on a submersible design that can be floated into position without requiring support vessels. It is equipped with two long ballast tanks and can be moved to a shallow-water position. The unit can operate independently for five years.

The company’s partnership with Highlander is aimed at addressing the sustainability and climate challenges facing the region. They will be able to use excess offshore wind power to power data centres in Northern Europe.

The data centre will be fully redundant and will have digital security features. It is also monitored by technicians at all times. In the event of a power outage, technicians will be able to configure the offshore dedicated servers within 24 hours.

The project began in 2014 with a research paper. It is not the first attempt to build an underwater data center.

The company is aiming to build 50 data centers on decommissioned cargo ships. Unlike the initial plans, the company’s plan differs from those of IDS.

The project started as a research paper, but was eventually turned into a full-fledged experiment. Its success could change the future of scaling up data centers.

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