Mushroom Dispensary in Ottawa

Mushroom Dispensary in Ottawa
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If you want to magic mushroom dispensary in Ottawa, you have several options. Some of them look like wellness boutiques with clean white script on green signage above a window displaying potted plants and teak furniture. Others are tucked in a dark cubbyhole beside a parking garage, with a broken overhead sign and frosted windows. All of them sell the hallucinogenic drug psilocybin and products derived from it, including dried fungus, gummies and microdose capsules.

he Benefits of Shopping at Local Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada

Unlike cannabis, which can be legally sold under the city’s medicinal marijuana bylaw, magic mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocin) are still illegal in Canada, with the exception of a very narrow window that allows seriously ill people to get prescribed it through a health-care provider. As a result, mushroom dispensaries have popped up across the country, from Vancouver to Hamilton, Ont.

At Shroomyz, a storefront on Preston Street, owner Bruce Kagan says his customers come from all over the province and use psilocybin to deal with mental illness, addiction, depression and trauma. He sells everything from dried psilocybin, to gummies and chocolate bars that contain varying levels of the drug, to tea bags.

The dispensary, which opened on Nov. 1, is a 10-minute walk from Parliament Hill. On weekdays, about 20 people a day stroll through the door to purchase products, but the numbers swell on weekends. Kagan doesn’t worry about being shut down by police, who say they don’t prioritize mushroom dispensaries unless there’s evidence of criminal activity.

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