Mistik – A Tale of Two Strains

Mistik – A Tale of Two Strains
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Tale of Two Strains Manitoba

With more than 155 licensed cannabis stores (compared with fewer than 100 Tim Hortons locations), Manitoba might be the only province where it’s easier to find marijuana than a double-double. But that doesn’t mean the cannabis market isn’t competitive. Some retailers say it’s already oversaturated and predict that store consolidation and closures are inevitable. Others say Manitoba’s consumer-friendly pricing and loose regulations will make it a top destination for Canadians looking to buy pot.

Tale of Two Strains Manitoba says she and partner Othmar Joos knew Manitoba’s market would be crowded when they launched their independent store last week in Winnipeg. But they’re hoping their focus on the customer experience will set them apart from the competition. “You have to really think about your target audience and what they are looking for,” she says. “We’re trying to bring people in and make them feel comfortable.”

Digital Harvest: Exploring the Best Strains When You Buy Weed Online in Manitoba

While Mistik offers a wide range of products, they specialize in edibles. Their menu includes a variety of gummies and chocolate bars, as well as tinctures and infused oils. They also sell a few different types of mushrooms (such as the Fun Guy), which can induce psychedelic experiences.

Another thing that sets Mistik apart is that they offer great deals on ounces, at $89-99 for 28 grams of quality weed. They are one of the few Manitoba dispensary online shops that do this, and it is a fantastic way to keep customers coming back. Another area in which they could improve is by adding an educational blog section for their customers. This kind of content educates and entertains visitors, which helps them stay engaged and loyal to the brand.

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