Mast Climbing Safety – A New Study

Mast Climbing Safety – A New Study
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Mast climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs on a yacht. It’s important to be well prepared with all the right equipment and to understand how it all works before heading aloft.Go here

Using mast climbers is an alternative to traditional scaffolding and can offer significant efficiencies in delivering vertical access to work areas. However, it’s not a ‘one or the other’ decision and the choice is really about the best solution for a project.

A mast climber is a portable work platform with a swiveling telescopic mast section. These work platforms have a wheel chassis or can be towed with an electric motor for ease of movement around a site. They can also be erected in a freestanding configuration without anchoring.

Benefits of Using Mast Climbing for Facade Maintenance and Renovation

To evaluate mast climber stability, this study focused on several test conditions and variables including platform displacement and acceleration, dead weight drop tests, and ADAM manikin fall arrest loading. This is the first study of its kind aimed at understanding whether mast climbers remain stable under a range of working scenarios.

If you’re going to be working alone on a mast, you should plan to use a secondary safety line on a separate halyard. This is a good way to prevent being swung by the wind or waves and can help keep you close to the mast. Always keep a close eye on the weather, if you need to lower yourself it’s advisable to do this slowly and carefully to avoid being slammed back into the mast.

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