Live Games – Are They Worth It?

Live Games – Are They Worth It?
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A Live Game is a video game that prioritizes ongoing engagement with the players through ongoing updates and expansions over an extended period of time. Live games also employ various monetization strategies to generate recurring revenue and support the development team.Link:

Interactive Maps: Visualizing Player Movements and Positioning

With a live game, players can immerse themselves in a rich virtual world and interact with other gamers who are also deeply engaged in the game. This open-ended gameplay inspires an intimate sense of community and cultivates a passionate fan base, driving customer retention and loyalty. This deep involvement in the gaming world also gives rise to a feeling of ownership and attachment, which further drives customer loyalty.

While a live game offers several benefits, it is important to remember that the model is not without its drawbacks. A key challenge is the ongoing costs and financial burden of live game production. The continual need for server maintenance, new features, and customer support can place a significant strain on resources. Additionally, the risk of failure to meet player expectations or maintain a dedicated community can lead to a dwindling player base, which can make it challenging to sustain a live game ecosystem and revenue stream.

With so many pitfalls and risks, the question is whether live games are worth it in the long run. We’ve seen high-profile titles like Suicide Squad and Destiny 2 flop, which should serve as a warning to developers looking to cash in on the fad of live games. But if a studio can develop a recurring revenue business that offers the excitement of new content and a vibrant community, then it may be worth continuing with the live game concept.

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