Japanese Knotweed Control

Japanese Knotweed Control
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Japanese Knotweed Control

When you are looking for Japanese Knotweed Control, you may wonder what methods of control work best. In some cases, you can simply hand pull the plant from the ground. However, in other cases, you should consider using an herbicide, which targets the roots and kills all plants that come into contact with it. After applying the herbicide, you must also remove any dead knotweed that may have sprung up in your lawn or garden.

How to Know About Japanese Knotweed Control

Herbicides are the most effective way to control the Japanese knotweed plant. Unlike other plants, Japanese knotweed only grows from spring to autumn. The herbicides are effective during this time, when the plant dies back to the ground. In addition, a professional firm has access to stronger chemicals than those used by the general public. It also provides an insurance-backed certificate that proves that the treatment has been successful for a certain number of years.

When you are looking for Japanese Knotweed Control, the first step is to isolate the area and mowing it. This method does not remove all of the knotweed, so it is crucial to isolate the affected area. Once you have isolated the area, you can cut the invasive plant and level the ground. Then, spread a tarpaulin or a root barrier membrane over the area. Be sure to pin the tarpaulin to the ground and secure it with heavy rocks or posts.

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