Indigo Cadet Pilot Program

Indigo Cadet Pilot Program
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The indigo cadet pilot program is an airline-owned and operated program, which offers a structured course for aspiring pilots to receive their Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This training course includes both theoretical and practical training.

What is the total cost of IndiGo Cadet pilot Program?

The course is conducted by Flight Training Adelaide (FTA), a well-established company that has been training cadets for over 34 years. It currently operates two campuses in Adelaide, South Australia and Toowoomba, Queensland.

Cadets are recruited by IndiGo directly, which enables the company to ensure that its handpicked cadets undergo top-notch training. Besides, it also gives the flight school a degree of control over its own pilot intake.

SKYBORNE works closely with the Indigo to recruit cadets and train them so that they are industry-ready for a career in aviation. Once the cadets have completed their training, they are then absorbed by Indigo Airlines as A320 Junior First Officers.

There are different routes that a cadet can choose from, depending on which pathway they wish to pursue. If you are looking to become a professional pilot and are based in India, then the Indigo cadet pilot program is a great option.

The cadets selected through this route undergo intense ground training at the Insight Aviation training center in Gurugram. They then head to a Flight Training Organisation in Port Alfred, South Africa for the next phase of training.

During this course, candidates are taught the ins and outs of commercial flying by experienced and trained instructors. They learn how to control aircraft systems, perform flight procedures, and more. This training is aimed at preparing them for the DGCA and WPC exams, which are mandatory requirements to obtain their Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

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