Hard Playground Surfacing Options in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire

Hard Playground Surfacing Options in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire
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Once upon a time, playgrounds surfacing Berkshire were covered in potholed tarmac, wood chippings and weed-ridden areas, but these days wet pour rubber safety surfaces provide safe and comfortable play for kids of all ages. Whether you need to replace a single damaged area or your whole playground, we can offer expert advice and competitive pricing on a range of hard wearing surfacing solutions in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire.

Creating Safe and Fun Play Spaces: The Role of Playground Surfacing in Sussex

Wet pour is a popular choice for many projects as it offers a great level of impact absorption and durability. It’s available in a wide range of colours and can be customised with EPDM rubber graphics such as shapes, animals, rockets, roadways, and traditional activities like hopscotch.

This type of surface can last for around 10-15 years if it’s well placed and regularly maintained. The best way to keep your wetpour playground surface looking good is by sweeping on a regular basis to eliminate dirt, filth and moss from the surface. Low-pressure cleaning with water on a regular basis can also help wash the debris down to the base and away from the playground surface.

Other popular options include rubber mulch, which is made from shredded recycled rubber tires and bonded with polyurethane resin. This option is more natural-looking than wetpour and offers a long lifespan. It can also be easily cleaned with a gentle power rinse and brushing.

Artificial grass is another popular option for playgrounds, offering a soft and durable surface that’s easy to maintain. This type of surface is often installed in school gardens, nurseries and children’s centres. It’s available in a variety of colours and can be customised with different graphics to create an engaging environment that encourages physical activity.

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