Get Flower Power For a Positive Energy Boost

Get Flower Power For a Positive Energy Boost
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Get Flower Power

Flower Power: A Positive Energy Boost

Get Flower Power are one of the most powerful natural mood lifters known to man. They have been proven to improve moods, help patients recover faster from an injury or illness, and reduce stress.

A recent study found that having fresh plants and flowers around you can provide a positive energy boost that helps improve your mental health. The color and scent of flowers can also increase creativity (which is a good thing, since it means you’re more likely to get your work done) by enhancing your mental energy levels.

You can also find floral remedies and essences in stores that are meant to heal your mind, body and spirit. They can be used as a homeopathic remedy, and they’re designed to address specific personality types and patterns of ill health.

How to Make Your Own Natural Fertilizer for Plants

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of flower essences and want to try some out, head to The Evelyn Hotel for a special healing experience with their energy healing specialist Glendy Yeung. She’ll teach guests about the meanings behind different flowers and show them how to use a take-home ingestible flower essence that will help them achieve their goals and feel better overall.

Girl Flower Power: Your Best Bud Enhancer

With a blend of hemp seed meal, coconut water powder, pumpkin seed meal, bat guano, fish bone meal, alfalfa meal and more, Girl Flower Power is the best bud enhancer you can give your flowering plants. The high phosphorus levels of this formulation support the development of strong roots and sturdy flower buds. It is a great choice for all types of flowering and fruiting plants, both indoors and out.

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