Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Essential Stairlift Safety Features
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Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Any piece of equipment that will raise and lower a person up and down the stairs from floor to floor must have certain safety features in place. Stair lifts are no exception and the vast majority of stairlifts on the market come with an array of key safety features.

Best snagging company uk – Stairlifts designed with swivel seats can lock in place to prevent accidental movement during use. This feature is incredibly important for users who may have fragile or easily bruised limbs and need to get on and off the chair without worrying about the chair moving beneath them during this process.

A Secure Ascent: Understanding Key Safety Features of Stairlifts

Constant Pressure Controls – Most modern stair lifts use constant pressure controls that require the user to maintain reasonable pressure on the controls throughout the ride. This helps to ensure the stair lift won’t move down the rail if there is an obstruction or if the rail is obstructed in some other way.

Overspeed Governor – A primary safety feature that must come with every stair lift is an overspeed governor, which will slow the stairlift down if it gets too close to the bottom of the stairs. This will prevent the stairlift from traveling too fast and becoming a potential hazard for anyone else who uses the stairs in your home.

The most important safety features for stair lifts are those that keep the users themselves safe from injury and damage to the device. For this reason, opting for professional installation of your stair lift and regular maintenance by a qualified technician is recommended. This can help to ensure the stair lift complies with multiple different safety standards and regulations and can be identified quickly if any issues arise.

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