Disc Workshops for Business Owners and Managers

Disc Workshops for Business Owners and Managers
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Disc workshops are a great way for business owners and managers to connect with their team members and improve work productivity. DISC training helps everyone recognize the unique personalities of other team members and learn how to effectively communicate with them. In addition to learning about their own personality, participants will also identify the personality styles of other members of their teams and use this information to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

What is DiSC activities?

The DISC Profile is a behavioral learning tool that groups people into four work-style clusters: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Each of these styles has a different preferred communication style, a different reaction to change, and different challenges when working with others.

While most people have a combination of these traits, each person typically favors one or two dominant styles. Understanding disc consultants can help people overcome personality obstacles in committee settings, for example, when everyone is on board with an idea except for one person who is high in steadyness. Understanding this individual’s personal needs can help them remain focused on the big picture while being more flexible with responsibilities.

Having greater self-awareness and stronger people skills advances professionals in their careers faster and sets them apart from the competition. This DISC workshop is designed to remove the perceptual filters that prevent people from seeing their true personality and improves the ability of each participant to interact more effectively with other team members, customers, and potential clients.

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