Cream For Muscle and Joint Pain

Cream For Muscle and Joint Pain
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Whether you’re sore from a new crema para quemaduras routine or waking up with stiff joints from a weekend of yard work, cream for muscle and joint pain can offer relief in the moment and improve your quality of life. Often made from plant ingredients like menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus oil, these ointments and gels soothe aches by warming the muscles and numbing pain receptors. They may also contain anti-inflammatory agents, like methyl salicylate, to help relieve arthritis pain.

Unlike oral medication, which can cause stomach upset, bleeding ulcers, or heart, liver, and kidney problems, topical painkillers do not reach the bloodstream and can be safely used on the skin, says Dr. Owensby. Among the most popular over-the-counter (OTC) creams, some contain pain-relieving medications like NSAIDs, while others provide a combination of cool or warm sensations with counterirritants to distract the user from pain points.

Customer Favorites: Best-Rated Creams for Muscle and Joint Pain According to Reviews

One of the best-selling and most trusted names in muscle rubs is Icy Hot, which offers a dual-action formula that provides fast-acting pain relief. This cream starts by cooling down the skin to dull pain signals, then it quickly warms up to loosen tight, achy muscles and joints. There are also a variety of other creams that deliver either a cooling or a warming sensation, including Biofreeze and Tiger Balm.

If you prefer a non-greasy formula, try Aspercreme’s joint pain relief gel. This creamy, odorless formula is easy to apply and delivers soothing relief for sore or creaky joints. It contains natural turmeric to help reduce inflammation, plus it’s non-greasy and comes in a convenient pump that makes it easy to measure and use.

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