Connecting Worlds – The Community of Online Gaming

Connecting Worlds – The Community of Online Gaming
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Gaming is often seen as a socially isolating activity and gamers have long been portrayed as lonely, weirdos – but the truth is that gaming is far from a solitary pastime. In fact, online gaming communities are a powerful force that brings people together from around the world to build relationships and create community in virtual spaces. Source:

Connecting Worlds: Exploring the Community Dynamics of Online Gaming

Whether they are competing against each other in battle or helping each other out in a quest, online gaming provides a platform for gamers to connect with others who share their passion and form friendships that can last years. These relationships can even transcend the gaming world and lead to real-life face-to-face interactions.

In addition, the social connections and support that are formed in gaming communities can have direct, positive impacts on mental health. A study from The Jed Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit that promotes mental health and suicide prevention among young men, found that those who reported more depressive symptoms and less real-life social support were 40 per cent more likely to seek help from fellow gamers than from people they knew in their real lives.

As gaming continues to grow in popularity, it is important to explore the ways that online gamer communities offer a space for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences to connect with others, both locally and globally. These communities can offer a safe space to interact and bond on one’s own terms with those that they share a common interest with.

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