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Check AI Writing
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check ai writing

Check ai writing  is a topic of increasing concern, both for ethical & legal reasons. There are issues of plagiarism & copyright infringement to consider, as well as concerns about the impact on human creativity. Humans can express unique perspectives & personal experiences in their writing that machines can’t replicate, so if someone is submitting AI-generated content as their own work, it raises questions about the authenticity of the piece & its value.

Quality Assurance in AI Writing: How to Effectively Check and Evaluate AI-Generated Text

The good news is that there are ways to test if a piece of writing was written by an AI algorithm. Several websites offer free online tools that detect AI writing. These sites rely on patterns of word usage & phrases to identify AI writing, comparing them against existing AI-generated patterns. Some use a percentage probability of the text being machine-generated, while others provide a sentence by sentence breakdown to help users understand which parts of the writing are flagged as suspicious or blatantly AI-generated.

Some of the tools are more accurate than others, but all can be useful as a general tool for educators to check student submissions for the potential use of AI. It is important to remember that the detection tools are not 100% accurate & should be used alongside other methods for identifying academic dishonesty.

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