CBD Oil For Cats

CBD Oil For Cats
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CBD is an incredibly versatile natural supplement that can help calm nerves, ease pain, and induce restful sleep. It works by binding to receptors in the body and changing their response to a specific stimulus. CBD does not produce a psychotropic effect like THC, but instead affects the levels of internal cannabinoids and produces changes in cell signaling. CBD is available in a variety of forms, including pet supplements.

Is CBD good for back pain?

Cat cbd oil can be a great supplement for cats with anxiety, pain, and other issues. Many pet parents give this herb to their pets during life transitions, such as moving or getting a new baby, and find that it helps their pets adjust to these changes and keep them healthy and happy throughout the process. This hemp supplement is also used by those with pets that suffer from seizures or have chronic arthritis. Some cat owners notice that their pet’s coat feels softer and that they are more limber when they take this CBD oil for their kitty.

This high-quality pet CBD oil is made with human-grade ingredients and uses a top-of-the-line CO2 extraction method for its hemp. It does not contain any additional ingredients, such as propylene glycol or polysorbate 80, which could be harmful to pets. It is also flavored with salmon oil, which makes it more palatable for picky cats, and reviewers report that their kitty companions lap up the supplement willingly. This product is suitable for cats of all weights and can be given in small doses as needed.

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