Bulk Weed Canada – Why Buy in Bulk?

Bulk Weed Canada – Why Buy in Bulk?
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bulk weed Canada

Bulk weed Canada is an excellent way to save money and have plenty of weed on hand. Many dispensaries offer bulk MOM deals that can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy a few pounds at a time. This allows you to stock up on your favourite weed and concentrates without breaking the bank.

Buying in bulk is also great if you are planning to make cannabis edibles. This requires a large amount of weed, and buying in bulk will ensure that you have enough to last for the duration of the recipe. It is a greener option than buying small amounts often, which can increase your carbon footprint and create a lot of waste from packaging. Learn more https://getkush.cc/product-category/cannabis/pound-of-weed/

Bulk Weed in Canada: Exploring the Benefits, Regulations, and Where to Find the Best Deal

Some of the biggest names in Canadian cannabis have been shedding jobs and closing facilities as they struggle to compete with black-market dealers who are offering superior product for half the price. The CBC reported that Canopy lost 230 employees at its Gatineau greenhouse in March and that Hexo had to shut down two facilities in Delta and Aldegrove, eliminating another 500 jobs.

The CBC reported that wholesale prices fell to record lows on the Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) in 2022 as companies liquidated inventory from overproduction. The CCX facilitates transactions for six indices, including flower with higher and lower THC content. Index 4 and 5, which both contain 30%-plus THC, were the hardest hit in early 2022, dropping to average prices of CA$1.06 a gram on the CCX.

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