Blower Door Testing – How to Find Leaks and Determine the Airtightness of Your House

Blower Door Testing – How to Find Leaks and Determine the Airtightness of Your House
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Blower Door Testing is a critical aspect of building construction. It can determine the airtightness of a house and help find leaks.

What material is used to encapsulate a crawl space?

Blower Door Testing are usually performed near the end of a builder’s construction process. The test is performed with a non-toxic smoke pencil. This creates a white vapor trail that can be used to identify leaks.

Leaks can impact comfort and heating costs. They can also lead to problems with your mechanical system. For example, if you have a leaky home, your HVAC system will run more frequently to keep your temperature at a certain level. As a result, you will spend more money on your energy bills.

In addition to the blower door test, there are other ways to check for air leaks. You can do a physical inspection, use an infrared camera, or even use a smoker.

If you decide to use a thermal imaging camera, you will get a detailed picture of how much warm and cold air is in your house. This data will allow you to see leaks in hard to reach areas.

Another way to determine the airtightness of your house is to use a manometer. These devices are used to measure the pressure difference created by a fan. Using a manometer can give you accurate information about the hole to zone, and can reveal areas that are more connected to outside air.

Finally, there are real-time apps that can provide geo-located data. These apps can take data from your blower door, and make calculations for you.

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