Best Vape Detectors For Schools

Best Vape Detectors For Schools
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As schools across the country struggle to address student vaping, they’re turning to technology to help solve the problem. Many have implemented environmental sensors that detect nicotine and THC vapors in the air, as well as cigarettes and tobacco. These detectors help school leaders enforce policies on cigarette and vape use in classrooms, bathrooms, hallways and other areas where it’s against the rules to smoke.

Vapor best vape detectors for schools are becoming a popular addition to school security systems, and they’re one of the best tools available for combating teen vaping. They’re small and slender, often designed to look like pens so students can hide them from adults. And because vapors are easier to detect than smoke particles, these detectors help keep students safe by alerting them before they inhale a dangerous chemical.

Most schools set up their vape detectors to deliver notifications in three ways:

Push Notifications from the app: Receive event and sensor data in real time on any mobile device. Easily view and manage your devices, alarms, settings, and historical data from anywhere, and even share reports with colleagues.

Text Notifications: Receive event and sensor data in real-time on any mobile device. Easily view and share your devices, alarms, settings, and historic data with colleagues, and even create alert groups to manage multiple vape detectors.

IdentiSys offers an Ethernet or WiFi-based Internet of Things (IoT) multi-sensor that can identify vaping in privacy areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms and faculty room, as well as monitor air quality, chemicals, gas, keywords calls for help, gunshots, and more. It also features BACnet integration to allow easy integration with existing building systems and automation software.

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