Benefits of Installing a High-Speed Door

Benefits of Installing a High-Speed Door
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Many businesses are always looking for ways to increase productivity and lower the cost of operations. One easy upgrade to your facility that will help accomplish these goals is installing a high speed door. High speed doors open and close faster than traditional rolling service doors, which reduces the amount of time employees spend waiting on slow doors to get in or out of a workspace. They are also much safer than standard doors and provide better protection from entrapment.

The fast opening and closing times of high speed doors also help your company save on energy costs. They keep conditioned air in your building longer and prevent heat loss, which helps you to reduce heating or cooling expenses. These doors are particularly useful in retail spaces, where different temperature zones are required for food storage and preservation purposes. They are designed to minimize airflow between different areas, which helps ensure the quality of perishable merchandise.

Unlocking the Potential of High-Speed Door Technology

In addition to saving on energy costs, high speed doors can help you meet LEED requirements. When compared to insulated and solid panel doors, they contribute more toward LEED credits for thermal transmittance (U-factor), air leakage, and door power usage. Because of their lighter panels and roll-up design, these doors require less maintenance than other types of doors. Additionally, because they are more likely to close than be left open, they limit energy loss from the air exchange that is often caused by misalignment or mechanical failures with slow, solid-panel doors.

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