“Having someone to help me understand the process and there beside me, was empowering”

Independent professional advocacy – involves a one-to-one partnership between an individual and an independent professional advocate who is trained and paid to undertake their professional role as an advocate.

Creating my unique service to provide advocacy, support, case management and brokerage assistance for women who have been affected by psychological trauma or are victims of sexual violence.

Combining these crucial services, my Virtual Advocacy Service includes:

  • Help with preparing for meetings, appointments or court attendances
  • Writing and preparing letters, statements, reports etc
  • Help with understanding letters, statements, paperwork
  • Assisting with your options and discussing them together
  • Speaking to any third party organisation or representative if required
  • Coaching calls leading up to the meeting, appointment or court attendance and on-call availability
  • Follow-Up Support after the meeting, appointment or court attendance
  • Accompanying you to the meeting, appointment or court hearing (location & availability dependant)

Independent Advocacy is a way to help people have a stronger voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives. Independent Advocacy is: Standing alongside people who are marginalised in our society. Speaking on behalf of people who are unable to do so for themselves.

As an Independent Advocate, I can not:

  • Give legal advice or provide legal services
  • Make decisions for someone
  • Tell or advise someone what I think they should do
  • Agree with everything a person says and do anything a person asks me to do
  • Solve someones problems for them

No-one should have to face anything alone, and no-one should have to fear their voice being silenced. Unfortunately, it is all too common that meetings become about the Professionals’ needs, and not your needs.

Leaving a meeting/appointment feeling like you were not heard, or wish you had done things differently is frustrating and soul destroying.

Having an Independent Professional Advocate can change the dynamics at the offset, empowering you to challenge and make sure the outcomes are what you wanted.

Being organised, being prepared physically and emotionally, can make a huge difference, and now you can do things differently…


Virtual Advocacy Support Sessions take place via Phone Support or Video Conference Calls.

£40.00 per Session
(approx 45-60 minutes)

£10.00 for Statement preparation

Accompaniment / Attendance Advocacy 

£40 per hour
(minimum of 2 hours is required)

This service is available in and around Manchester. 

If you reside outside of Manchester and would like to enquire about this service, please feel free to email:

Let’s Get Started:

Payment must be paid in advance of any Support Session or attendance.  
Sessions can be booked at your convenience, as and when you need an Advocacy Support Session, maybe the night before a meeting, to mentally prepare and be ready, maybe as a follow up support session to discuss how you felt the meeting went and if you felt listened too etc, we can then discuss further actions.
Attendance Advocacy must be booked for minimum of 2 hours, this covers travel time as well. If the attendance extends more than 2 hours, an invoice will be created for further payment of extended hours.  Very often, for court attendance, you will be given an estimation of time.
On-Call Advocacy will require an advance booking, so that the time and date can be schedule in my diary accordingly. 
24 hours cancellation policy. Less than 24 hours cancellation will incur loss of payment and a no refund policy will apply.
FREE Advocacy & Advice DROP-IN:
Every Tuesday, from 11.00 am – 12.30 pm at our Trauma Recovery & Healing Centre in Oldham, Manchester, we run a Free Advocacy and Advice Drop-In.

The Drop-In can provide general support, advice and signposting.  Please bring along any letters, paperwork etc to the Drop-In. 

We also provide Advocacy Support for Asylum Seekers, especially for those who have exhausted all Rights to Appeal and are seeking advice to make a Fresh Claim.