A Finite Solutions Home Cinema Project Takes Smart Technology to the Next Level

A Finite Solutions Home Cinema Project Takes Smart Technology to the Next Level
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With Home Entertainment Solutions with overpriced popcorn and noisy teenagers, home entertainment systems are increasingly appealing. Whether transforming an entire basement into a dedicated space or adding a high-quality system to a loft conversion, professional installation specialists Finite Solutions can turn any room into the ultimate high-end cinema.

The Leeds-based firm specializes in smart technology, lighting and cinema room design, management and installation. It recently won a CEDIA Award for a London project that took home theater to the next level.

Creating a Smart Home Integration with Finite Solutions Home Cinema

Incorporating a home cinema into a smart home system can elevate the experience by simplifying setup. For instance, a premade “Movie Mode” setting can lower the screen, start the projector, select the movie and automatically dim the lights and close the blinds for the perfect viewing environment. Likewise, a simple touch of a smartphone or tablet can instantly play back a favorite video or music library.

For the cinema and games room in this UK home, Finite Solutions used acoustical products from Acoustical Solutions to completely redesign and upgrade the space. A 7.2 speaker array is powered by an Anthem AVM 50v processor with the brand’s ARC room EQ and twin bespoke DSPs. An Oppo universal Blu-ray layer and a streaming platform with an extensive catalog round out the entertainment mix. All audio is routed through the speakers via an Akurate and Linn Majik power amplifiers. The 7.1-channel system is controlled by the Strato C+ Terra media server, which also provides automatic cues to change the masking system, adjust projector lens settings and switch on the screensaver.

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