LEGACY: Child Refuge debate was passed in Motion via Welsh Government as part of MAYAMEEN’S CampaignING

She Can Consultancy is a Certified Social Enterprise, founded by Mayameen Meftahi (MASC P.Th & NLP), who channelled her own suffering as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor to help others, by recognising the gaps in service provisions for victims and survivors of Psychological Trauma.

Survivors are Powerful, so how can there be so many Survivors of Trauma and yet so much Silence? How can there be so much pain and complexity, yet so little support or instruction on how to channel that Suffering into Success…

Our developmental trauma shaped us, the impact of adverse childhood experiences on adults is well-documented, She Can Consultancy provides open, inclusive services for women, both Online and across Manchester, with a holistic approach to recovery and success.

Trauma therapy: 
  • Successful Bespoke 7 Week PTSD & Anxiety Accredited Trauma Recovery Program
  • Independent Advocacy & 1-1 Support
  • Professional Training 
fitness therapy:
  • Fitness Classes
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Personal Training 

In a world where ‘what happened to you’ seems to be the definition of you, trauma-informed practices are crucial to reframe this, to ‘who do you want to be’!


To provide Services that meet the Needs of Survivors of Psychological Trauma and BAME Women by giving them an Empowered Voice.

To prevent Inter-Generational Trauma by Freeing Women from the Entrapment of PTSD & Anxiety.

To provide Professionals with Lived Experience Expertise for Achieving Better Outcomes.

To pave the way for Systematic Law Changes and Sharpened Victim Protection.


A Safe Space for Women, to be Fully Supported, with a Whole Life Approach to Recovery & Success.

A Journey of Hope, without Fear or Stigmatisation, providing Holistic, Trauma-Informed Care to Embody Growth, Healing and Self-Expression.


Mayameen Meftahi (MASC P.Th & NLP) is an Award-Winning Specialist in Pyschological Trauma & Sexual Violence Expert by Lived Experience. Advocate & TEDx Speaker.
Providing a number of unique Services for Survivors, Mayameen is a qualified Psychotherapist Practitioner, NLP Life Coach, Indepedent Professional Advocate and Innovative Entrepreneur.

Designing and Successfully Delivering her Bespoke PTSD & Anxiety Recovery Program, whilst authoring her ‘I Can’ brand Self-Help Journal and Positive Affirmation Stationery to Transform and Heal not only her Life but other women’s too.

Working with Professionals as a Consultant and Accredited Trainer, Mayameen has had many opportunities along her Journey, that includes being a TEDx Speaker and also lecturing at The Queens Nursing Institute on overcoming Pyschological Trauma.

Mayameen was extremely honoured to have won an Award in the category of ‘Unsung Heroine’ and a Beautiful SurvivorsWorld of Honors Award.

“I was not going to be defined by my Suffering, nor just another stereotypical Statistic. I aimed for Success”.

Mayameen Spoke Out to take her Power back…

On the 27th September 2018, Mayameen shocked many, by waiving her Anonymity as a Child Sexual Abuse Survivor, hitting National Media, her story went viral. This led to many achievements, including her Petition and Successful Movemnet to make Systematic Law Changes within Child Abuse, and the proposal of the first ever Child Refuge in the UK, for child victims escaping from Child Sexual Abuse.

As well as being involved in a Documentary led by Channel 5.

My Story My Channel 5 Documentary




“Don’t try and save us… You are not the rescuer… we have already Survived more than you can imagine. We do not need Saving, after we have Survived”

~ Mayameen Meftahi