10 Yoga Retreats in Indonesia

10 Yoga Retreats in Indonesia
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Amid vipassana bali jungles, volcanoes, and white sand beaches, there are many opportunities to take time out of your busy life for some peace, quiet, and self-reflection. Here are 10 yoga retreats that will have you feeling replenished, inspired and ready to take on your next big adventure.

Vipassana is a meditation technique developed in Asia that’s now spread across the globe. Its popularity means the courses are often fully booked well in advance, so if you’re planning to attend a course, be sure to book early!

The goal of vipassana is to eradicate sankharas (unwanted reactions) from the mind and to achieve equanimity. To achieve this, you must first learn the technique; then practice the technique; and finally penetrate into inner reality. This leads to experiential wisdom, which is superior to both received and intellectual knowledge.

The Transformative Journey: Exploring Vipassana Meditation in Bali

A recent article in the Indian Guardian highlights a controversy that’s been swirling around India’s popular Vipassana meditation method. The ancient practice—popularized by Burmese-born Indian S N Goenka—has long divided Dalit intellectuals, with some arguing that its emphasis on introspection detracts from Ambedkar’s ideology of mass struggle and agitation.

While there are 341 Vipassana centers in 94 countries, the program remains free of charge thanks to donations from previous students. Learn more about the practice, its benefits, and how to find a center near you.

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